The last year has brought change unlike anything we have experienced before across a number of different areas – where we work, how we work and engage with our customers, and the need to adjust our services to take account of the impact of the COVID pandemic.

Some things have not changed however, and our core purpose and functions are unchanged, remaining as set out in the SPPA Strategic Plan 2019-24, though the pandemic has inevitably affected some delivery timelines.

It is important that we now look to provide certainty in how we operate the Agency. Therefore, I am pleased to launch our Agency Annual Business Plan.

The plan is our road map for the 2021/22 performance year – it details who we are, our Vision, Mission, Strategic Aims and Objectives and our delivery priorities.  

It is the high-level guide to help define and deliver our key milestones and requirements and provides a broader vision of where our Agency expects to be by the end of the performance year.

This year our focus is on the delivery of Brilliant Basics and this plan represents that. 

Also set out within are our key improvement and change initiatives (such as the 2015 Remedy and our Pension Platform Programme) and our new Agency-wide Key Performance Indicators.

The plan also re-confirms our commitment to our people: keeping you safe, and investing in your skills and future.

David Robb
Interim Chief Executive Officer

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