Pensions can sometimes be complex and difficult to understand - so next week for Pensions Awareness Week 2021, we’ll be running a series of articles here on our website to help you understand pensions better, how to get the most out of our website and plan better for your retirement. 

Did you know…

A survey carried out by the Money & Pension Service in 2020 found that:

  • More than a quarter of over-50s say they will start to plan their retirement finances with two years or less to go before they finish work.
  • One in ten do not intend to plan their retirement finances at all and more than a third (36 per cent) of 50 to 70-year-olds said their finances have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Nearly a fifth (18 per cent) have decided to delay accessing their pension, while 14 per cent intend to access it sooner - with some saying this is to help their day-to-day finances or to support a family member or friend.

Pensions Awareness Week 2021 runs from 13-17 of September so be sure to look out for our articles in our latest news section.